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> Doll Leaves Pre-Order, Ends May 30th 2012
Posted: Apr 28 2012, 05:15 PM
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Doll Leaves Pre-Order, ends May 30th.

How pre-orders work:
1) Post the doll and options (skintone, faceup/nonfaceup) that you would like to order here.
2) I will be requiring a minimum 60% deposit.
3) Once you put what you want, please send me an email to: info@junkyspot.com with A) Your paypal email address, B Your forum nickname so I know what you ordered, C) Your shipping address, and D) how much you want to put down...60% is the minimum, but you can prepay the entire thing if you want.
4) Once I place the order, I will post it on the thread. At that point, it will be too late to make any changes or additions.
5) The remainder plus shipping will be due when the dolls arrive. You will have 2 weeks to pay off the remainder before it's considered a default on the downpayment. Sorry guys, I don't have the space to be a personal storage unit for customers. Unfortunately, the only way I can enforce this is to make people lose their deposits if they don't have the money ready. Given this, please make sure to either put in advance payments if you want, or simple save the money somewhere in the meantime for when the doll arrives.

People that have defaulted on preorders are not allowed to participate in preorders ever again.

During this time period, Doll Leaves is running their 2nd anniversary event. We are applying this event towards preorder purchases only.

1. During the event period, purchase any DOLL LEAVES basic products equal or over US$190, a Blank Event doll- Babel HEAD will be given as free gift.
2. During event period, purchase any DOLL LEAVES basic products equal or over US$350, a blank Event doll-Babel DOLL will be given as free gift.

At the same time, our new 1/3 girl Yume is released. Blank doll price is US$ 370, +US$ 50 for face makeup. Accessories are not for sale.

* The purchasing amount will include basic face makeup service, but not include Event Doll Babelís face makeup service, shipping fee and special edition items.
1. The Event doll-Babel is DOLL LEAVES 26cm doll, you can choose boy or girl body; Face makeup price is optional service, cost US$100; Accessories in promotional photos are not for sale.
2. The Event doll-Babel is Doll Leaves 2nd Anniversary special edition, which will be discontinued after the event

Images of Babel:

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Posted: May 1 2012, 06:15 AM
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What scale and skin tone is Babel and are the horns included with the free head?
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Posted: May 31 2012, 03:25 PM
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Hey Emory-
I'd like a 58 (or 60 or whatever it is) cm female body, SMALL BUST option, in WHITE skin.
I'll shoot you an email now.
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