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> 1960's Ken patterns, they were a christmas present.
Posted: Jan 13 2008, 06:41 PM
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My mom is a real sweetheart, and noticed from several hundred miles away that I was having a doozy of a time making clothes for my boys. So she bought me a packet of Sew-Easy patterns for Ken that were made specifically for kids; which means that the instructions are easy enough for even me to follow properly. She figured that by doubling the size plus a few alterations, these should work for my boys. I haven't tried that yet, but, I did scan them into the computer... and they are being posted for anyone else to pick up and play with.

All of the instructions are here as well.

I made sure that everything can be printed out on regular 8.5"x11" paper. The patterns will print at their original size. As I scan the rest of the patterns, they will also be posted here.


Sewing Steps page 01
Sewing Steps page 02
Sewing Steps page 03
Sewing Steps page 04
Sewing Steps page 05
Sewing Steps page 06
Sewing Steps page 07
Sewing Steps page 08


1. Jacket and Ascot... For every occasion. Make the Jacket in a stripe, plaid or tweed. Use 3/8 yard, and a bit of fabric for the ascot.

Instructions 01
Instructions 02
Instructions 03
Instructions 04
Instructions 05
Instructions 06
Instructions 07
Instructions 08
Instructions 09

Pattern 01
Pattern 02
Pattern 03
Pattern 04

2. Slacks and Shirt... make them in contrast fabrics - 1/4 yard for the slim slacks, 3/8 yard of a colorful fabric for the long-sleeved shirt.

3. Deck Pants and Shirt... for sailing fun and other sports. Use 1/4 yard of sturdy fabric for the pants and 1/4 yard bright color for the shirt. Pants are tied with 1/4 yard narrow cable cord.

4. Bermuda Shorts and Shirt... for active sports. Requires 1/4 yard rugged fabric for the Bermudas and 1/4 yard jersey fabric for the shirt.

5. Robe... for comfortable lounging or sleeping, made of 1/4 yard fabric, plain or fancy. You'll also need 4 inches of oval elastic.

6. Pajamas... for lounging or sleeping, made of 1/4 yard fabric, plain or fancy. You'll need 4 inches of oval elastic.

Note: The buttons are "fake." Where needed, use tiny snaps and beads instead.
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Posted: Jan 13 2008, 08:54 PM
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I have used Barbie patterns with some success, and this is great! Our boys definitely need more clothes!
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Posted: Jan 14 2008, 10:42 AM
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Oh wow - those directions are nice and detailed. Thanks for this great resource. A lot can be done with good basic patterns :D
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Posted: Jan 8 2012, 04:21 PM
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Sorry to necromance a thread but I saw these and since Takashi fits Ken clothing I'd love to use these. Do you still have files, the links are dead.
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