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> Cate/Catherine Black, Beau~Barbare on Den of Angels
Posted: Feb 27 2013, 12:15 AM
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Received Paypal Dispute, which read:
"We were recently notified that one of your buyers filed a chargeback and asked the credit card issuer to reverse a payment made to you on Dec 28, 2012. The buyer claims that this purchase was made without authorization to use the credit card. Their credit card issuer needs additional information from you about this transaction.
Buyer's Name: Catherine Black
Buyer's Email: henada@gmail.com
Transaction Date: Dec 28, 2012 for $236.80"

Here is the Order History from henada@gmail.com:
12/28/2012 for $236.80
11/8/2012 for $70.84
11/8/2012 for $102.81
10/26/2012 for $170.85

All shipped to the same address, showing a patterned history of purchasing.

The transaction in dispute details:

Date 08:00 28 Dec 2012

Method PayPal

Cate Black
xxx Street Address Censored xxx
TX, 78669
United States
Tel: xxx-xxx-8973
Email: tomato.radiowire@gmail.comm

1 Hujoo Ankle Walker Boots - White 19.99 19.99
1 27F000N White Net Stockings 2.99 2.99
1 27F000N White Net Stockings 2.99 2.99
1 M-116 Black Leather Shoes, Male 3.50 3.50
1 M-111 Short Black Boots, Male 3.50 3.50
1 DOLLZONE 0610 44CM Scale Shoes: Black and White Slip-On Boots 21.99 21.99
1 DOLLZONE C45-012 44CM Scale Outfit: Black and Silver Outfit (Mo-2 Default) 49.99 49.99
1 DOLLZONE C45-014 44CM Scale Outfit: Black Outfit with Brown Scarf 46.00 46.00
1 DOLLZONE C45-037 44CM Scale Outfit: Pink Dress 72.00 72.00

Sub-total 222.95
Shipping 13.85
Total 236.80

A quick search of tomato.radiowire@gmail.com shows her feedback thread on Den of Angels, where her username is Beau~Barbare

Feedback For Beau~Barbare
3 posts - 3 authors - Jan 14
You can contact me via email at the following addresses - cate.e.black@gmail.com trainerhive@gmail.com tomato.radiowire@gmail.com My ...
Screenshot: http://www.junkyspot.com/IMAGES/MISC/cateb...orderscreen.jpg

Click on the link to expand the post, you can see her other email addresses:
tomato.radiowire@gmail.com As well as her phone number, which matches the one she entered on her order.

Screenshot: http://www.junkyspot.com/IMAGES/MISC/cateblack1b.jpg

Clicking on her username, you can view her userposts...and latest threads she started.
Of special note is her "Angel of Dream Chi Box Opening! Now with video!" thread:

The first post finishes with a link to her YouTube video about said doll. You can click the informational "i" at the top right and see that her YouTube account name is "Hive Berk".

Screenshot: http://www.junkyspot.com/IMAGES/MISC/cateblack2.jpg

You can click on the YouTube icon to break the video out into a new page. And then click on her Hive Berk name to see her other videos.

The video of note is her video entitled Doll Video uploaded on January 27th, 2013.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MzVC32TucE
Note: I have this file saved and will upload to YouTube if this video is removed.
Around the 5 minute mark, she shows a female doll.

Screenshot: http://www.junkyspot.com/IMAGES/MISC/cateblack3.jpg Compare this dress with DollZone's website's images of dress C45-014:
(especially the last picture which shows the dress without the black shirt underneath and the first picture which has a more detailed shot of the bust liner area).

Refer back to the dispute transaction in detail: http://www.junkyspot.com/IMAGES/MISC/cateblack1.jpg and look at the second to last item on the order list.

We have sent emails to each of her email addresses as well as left voicemails with no response, yet she is actively posting on Den of Angels still, daily.

It is our recommendation that when selling to this individual, you should proceed with caution and protect yourself from possible fraudulent chargebacks.
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