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> Mystic Kids head on a Bobobie body?, Would skintones match? Would it fit?
  Posted: May 3 2014, 01:45 PM
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Hello everyone! I've been helping my friend pick out her first BJD. She's really picky about what she likes and I can't blame her. It's her first BJD and a lot of money, so she should be completely happy with what she chooses. So here's our question. She loves Lillian's head (Mystic Kids) but doesn't like her body. She likes the Bobobie bodies better. Would she be able to get Lillian's head and put it on a Bobobie body? Would the skintones match? Would it fit? And would she be able to order just the head and body by themselves through JS?
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Posted: Jun 3 2014, 04:31 PM
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Well, I realize this reply is a month out of date, and you probably got this question answered elsewhere.

The only way to get special order items from JS is if they're doing a pre-order and those happen very rarely. Some folks buy both and do splits to trade out the items they want.

If you check the neck measurements for both dolls you'll know if they fit.

I can't help in terms of color matching yet. My Mystic Kids is going to show up tomorrow so I can compare normal/pink skin. :-)
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